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My Story

Hello, I’m Shelliann, Founder of Sterling Hair Coach (SHC).  SHC is an online hair service that provides women with textured hair, knowledge, tools, and guidance tailored to meet their individual needs.


Consider me your personal hair coach. 

My goal with SHC is to help you tackle insecurities and develop knowledge and confidence about your hair. I want you to walk into a room knowing you look fabulous from head to toe.


As a licensed hair professional with 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, I provide clients with education about their hair texture and its needs through various coaching packages.


So many women have a relationship with their hair that teeters between love, frustration, and curiosity.


I understand. As a little girl, I had so much hair that my family was afraid to comb it! I remember sitting in class wishing my hair was combed and styled with fancy bows like my classmates’.  Eagerly, I asked my neighbours to teach me how to braid. Once I got really good, I started doing my own hair and all my friends’ hair too!

Read more about my hair journey here.

Today, I am the proud owner of Sterling Hair Coach. I also attended the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. I believe that eating well contributes to the health of our hair and our overall appearance.  


My favourite part about being a hair coach is seeing you get results by applying what you learned, practicing patience, and staying consistent.


Your confidence is my reward!


As my client, I want you to feel comfortable knowing I have answers for you; If I don’t, I will do my best to find a solution. I offer you tools and tips to become empowered to face any hair challenges and optimistic about meeting your hair goals.  You can trust that I will be here to guide you along your hair journey.

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Ready to get started? Please take a look at our services to see which option best matches where you are in your journey.

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SHC Coaching Approach


How does hair coaching work?

The process of coaching is customized to your individual needs. Coaching consists of a four-phase process: 

  1.    Initial Assessment - In an in-depth consultation, we discuss your goals and where you currently are in your hair journey and decide which SHC one-on-one package meets your needs.​​

  2.    Goal Setting - Based on your assessment, I create a personalized plan including action steps to help you reach your goal. 

  3.    Action - Take action based on your personalized plan and begin to observe changes and progress.

  4.    Assessment of Progress - Together, we analyze your progress and modify the action plan, including the sessions' frequency, if necessary. I also evaluate techniques and products to determine their effectiveness.  

Benefits of having a hair coach


Experience the difference Sterling Hair Coach can create for you:

  • a tailored approach to your hair care needs

  • support on your journey to healthy and manageable hair

  • healthy hair care strategies that will help you reach your goal 

  • increased confidence

  • ease of manageability and maintenance

  • improved hair routine

  • a better understanding of product characteristics and application

  • product knowledge and what's right for your texture

  • guidance on how to transition from relaxed to natural hair

  • countless good hair days



Shelliann Sterling is a talented licensed hair professional and owner of Shelliann Sterling Hair & Scalp Solutions Inc. and Sterling Hair Coach.  With over 25 years in Toronto’s beauty industry, Shelliann has long been focused on providing clients with the knowledge and confidence to maintain attractive and healthy hair.


Shelliann received her hairdressing license in 2016 through an apprenticeship program offered by the Ontario Ministry of Education. She received additional training in Washington (US), New York (US), and Toronto. Shelliann has worked with Robin Barker Hair’Sociates, Anthony Passero Salon, Jazma Hair Inc., and Capilia Truly You, a hair solution centre that provides a wide range of preventative hair loss and scalp health products and services.


Currently, Shelliann has transitioned from operating her salon and works as a hairstylist on movie production sets. She does this and runs her coaching business, Sterling Hair Coach, in Toronto, where she resides. Shelliann works with both chemically processed and natural hair and offers guidance to those transitioning from processed to natural hair.


Shelliann graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in October 2013. As a Certified Nutritionist and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner, Shelliann believes the state of a woman’s hair exposes her physical and emotional health. Her goal is to coach women to improve their overall health by providing education on safe hair care products, the importance of nutrition, and conscious hair practices.

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