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"I just want a trim, not a cut!" Does this sound like you? Unfortunately, this is a statement I often hear. It doesn't matter if your hair is mostly in protective styles, natural, texturized, or relaxed; it's important to have your ends trimmed regularly. Over time, frequent combing and styling with flat irons, blower driers, and curling irons cause brittle ends that are prone to splitting. Check your ends or have your stylist check to see if your hair needs to be trim. If you see that one shaft is split into two, that means you have split ends. Once the hair has a split, it is damaged, and nothing you can do will repair it. The best thing to do is to trim the ends off. Trimming your ends regularly helps keep your hair healthy and retain more length. I know that seems counterproductive, but it's true. The longer you wait to have your ends trimmed or what I called "dusting," your stylist may need to take off more length than expected. Every eight weeks is a good rule of thumb to get rid of split ends.

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